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you're clutch a good friend...

what girl doen't love sweet, feminine little clutch. Not I.

Check out the vintage inspired clutches at Briana Edelman Designs on Etsy.


oh maya!

love.love.love. Maya Brenner Designs. It was very difficult to narrow down to my favorite piece, but I do heart this necklace:

and I wouldn't be unhappy if my hubby just happened to get this for our anniversary:


fly me to the moon...

on Rockett St.George. Couldn't you just imagine wrapping up a sweet gift with this lace tape?

Or adorning your couch with this darling pillow?

Or expressing life views on your wall? 'Tis true... all you need is love & I wouldn't mind sharing that sentiment with Rockett's help.



If I were only as hip as the husband & wife team photograpers, I would die a happy blogger. Nate and Jaclyn's work can be poured over on 'the image is found' blog. I just sit and click. When you hop on over to browse... be sure and check out the crazy booth... pretty dang hysterical. The two have workshops to teach other photographers how to do a crazy booth at events. Don't these two just look like so.much.fun.

Here's my fave image from the crazy booth:


pretty in lavender

purple of any shade is in this fall & I am loving this sweet dress from Dorothy Perkins Come to think of it... this cardigan from J.Crew, would go fabulously along with it


smells good enough to...

Just bought this fantastic french milled soap at a little boutique store near the beach:I may start getting a shea butter tipped nose from the frequency of smelling the bar. I would've bought the lotion, too... but it was sold out. Always a good sign. I have been scouring the internet all day in hopes of finding an online supplier and EUREKA! I found it here. Now, to talk the husband into spending serious money on a case of soap...


sew cute!

The only word used to describe the feeling when I read this woman's blog is: awe. Check out katie did. I love the modern/vintage clothes she has sewn for her children. I am especially in love with these dresses:

Click here for her tutorial.



I've been a blog slacker lately on this here blog. And now...Butterflies is on vacation. To see what is giving us butterflies while we are gone, check-in on our daily happenings here.

I'll be back in a week or so (if anyone is missing me). Stephanie? Stephanie? Where art thou Stephanie? Any goodies we can drool over while I'm gone?!