These are available now over at Zany Zinnia. I have already purchased mine and have been staring at this picture ever since. They are so darn cute. I will be dreaming of them all weekend and thinking of wonderful ways to use them!

Zany Zinnia also released their new kits for March and have a great supply of Thickers alphabet stickers....which I also heart! Have a wonderful weekend. Wishing you butterflies!

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Lyndsay has done it again. I swear the girl is amazing. She is due in two weeks and comes up with this little beauty. A recipe exchange blog complete with amazing graphics and all recipes ready to print on a darling 4 x 6 card. Go check it out. Add it to your favorites. Email her recipes. It's all there. Thank you, Lyndsay!

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By Guest Blogger Kathy:

I was recently looking at Old Navy’s website and was shocked and so excited to see the Charley Harper collection for baby boys. Charley Harper has always been a long-time favorite artist of mine. My husband Colin bought a print of his a while ago and since then I have been obsessed. You see his work everywhere from National Park posters to the shelves of my favorite store Anthropologie. Old Navy apparently has been trying to target young moms on a budget and I couldn’t be happier at the result.

My little baby Ira will be so cute wearing this adorable dog shirt.

And will love playing with this puzzle.

I just ordered this book of his…I think I might enjoy it more than Ira.

You’ll find his fabulous collection here.

kisses, Kathy

Thank you so much Kathy for taking the time to be my first guest blogger! I have enjoyed the new sites and have fallen madly in love with Fish's Eddy! I knew you wouldn't disappoint. Look forward to little tid bits here and there from Kathy as she continues to keep me up-to-date on her hip fresh finds! And tomorrow....I'm back with something delectable as well as pretty!



There are few stores that I love more than Fish’s Eddy in New York City. Their store is a treat in itself. You walk in and are nearly overwhelmed with vintage dinnerware, flatware, glassware and linens. There are also tons of modern pieces inspired by vintage design. I love the fact that you cannot easily distinguish between what is modern and what is actually vintage. Luckily for those of us who do not live on the east coast, they have a fabulous website. In the words of Fish’s Eddy “To be eclectic and free thinking. To know that in the kitchen, the rules should be breakable, not the dishes. And most importantly…to always have some good old fashion fun! That's why after twenty years …we still love “doing dishes”!”

Here are a few of my favorite items…

Wouldn’t these be great for displaying or hanging jewelry?

By Guest Blogger.....Kathy

And....I checked out the site and couldn't resist posting my favorites too!

kisses, april



I’m honored to be a guest blogger on Butterflies! April is fabulous and I love reading her blogs for creative inspiration.

I have to apologize; baby products pretty much consume my mind. I am always on the lookout for something not only practical but with a pinch of style. So…I saw a sling by local Sausalito designers’ Serena and Lily. Their Market Sling has been on the top of my wish list because it is not only beautifully embroidered, comfortable, and practical, but also organic. And, it’s hippy without being too hippy!

Check out some of their other amazing products here!

by guest blogger, Kathy



(please do not copy without permission....image belongs to Lyndsay J.)

"Oh Baby Dear" is the theme of a baby shower I am planning with a few friends for a dear mom-to-be, Kathy. She has impeccable taste and a love for vintage items as well as a good eye for great design and products. I am excited to announce that she will be my first ever guest blogger here on "Butterflies" next week for a few days. I can't wait to see what gives her butterflies.



A girl's got to have a little pampering, even in these tough economic times. I like to scrub on Fridays....a nice to way to start off my weekend....all freshly smooth. I always tell Dave that I feel 10 years younger after I use a salt or sugar scrub. And I got really excited today when I found these instructions on the Martha Stewart website for a DIY scrub. Four ingredients plus a few supplies. There are even templates for the labels included. Buy all your ingredients and supplies now and offer as birthday gifts to all your girlfriends! I hope I'm on your list!



....but so is Carolyn. She brought over the few things I ordered from her last night (the orange ring was one of them) with two lovely extras! Yes....I got another ring! And the rose bracelet...there is still one left over at her shop as well as a turquoise one. Oh...I had a hard time choosing. And don't be afraid to go look....her jewelry is all very affordable and very well made. Click here!


Girls.....larger rings are going to be all the rage for spring....I can just feel it....all afluttering in my tummy whenever I see them. And Carolyn over at Blossom Jewelry has done it again! And at an affordable price of $10....I snatched it up sorry. They make you feel all girlie and vintagey. Did you see CJane's blog yesterday....she was rockin' a large yellow flower on her finger. Hopefully Carolyn will be making more real soon and you can snatch one up for yourself....that is, if you beat me to them!

P.S. Spell checker did not like half my words that I used in this post....but I think they are all fantastic and especially like the word "vintagey"!



that gives me butterflies!

This is Rob and Katherine Brown. We met them while living on the East Coast. We were all stationed at Dover Air Force Base and were all fairly newly married. We hung out, had Thanksgiving dinner together, played games, Katherine taught us funny sign language and we laughed a lot. We fell instantly in love with the Browns. The friendship came easy and we shared many fun times together. We were able to only spend 7 short months together before we were stationed and moved to a different base. The Browns stayed a little longer in Delaware and were then transferred to Alaska. That was the last we had heard of them....although their names and memories have been spoken about many times over the years in our home. This was how we remembered them. Although we did see them one night during their transfer to Alaska with their new little baby boy.

This is the Brown family now!

That's right 4 children! Can you even imagine the butterflies I had when they found us on Facebook! I was thrilled. I had tried to search for them but Brown was just too common of a last name. I waited 7 long hours waiting for her to respond on Facebook to find out where they were living. When she responded "Okinawa, Japan" my heart dropped, then raced again when she followed it with "but we are being transferred in February to Northern California....just 30 minutes away from our home!

We just spent last evening with the Brown Family.....all six of them. And I fell in love with their children right away. I knew I would. I already loved their mom and dad. We picked right up where we left off over 8 years ago. And saying good-bye when they left last night was exciting because we know we will be seeing lots of them!

I love good friends. I love good friends that you haven't seen in years and when you do it feels like you've never been apart. Welcome to Northern California Brown Family. You give me butterflies!



Orla Kiely arrived at Target and I am just tickled. I really wanted to re-do my office with all her storage containers, but I'm not really needing new storage bins right now...bummer. But I can always use new dishtowels so I went for the brown and orange kitchen towel combo. Our small Target still didn't have all her lovelies out on the shelf yet.....just enough to get my heart racing and get me back everyday until it is all there. I really want the serving platter pictured in the top picture for outdoor entertaining. I love all the turquoise, orange, olive green, chocolate brown, flowers and pears. Personally the only thing I think she is missing is.....butterflies! With all due respect, maybe she didn't get the memo!



I love all of Shelli's work over at Studio Mela. I thought these three appropriate for Valentine's Day although I would like one of each of her prints. I think my favorite might be The Little Wish. I want more wall space in my house so I can place them here, there and everywhere.

Wishing you all a lovey dovey Valentine's Day tomorrow!

butterfly kisses,



Even though Kaia is in Middle School, I thought it would be fun for her to have something cute to carry her Valentines in. I was so excited to find this little vintage style Valentine lunch box today at our local market. She was just as excited!

And here are the handmade match box Valentine goodies she filled her little tin with to hand out to her school friends. More pictures are posted on our family blog here with a list of supplies.



For your boyfriend or husband.....
vintage ace of hearts cuff links found here.

For your teenage boy.....

vintage inspired guitar t-shirt found here .

And for your little boy......

a darling handmade wooden top found here.

I just love the idea of giving gifts to those I love so much on Valentine's Day.


Do you get butterflies at the post office? I did when I saw these big red heart stamps! And the clerk almost put me over the edge when she slide those darling stamps into a glassine envelope. I was all a flutter.


For yourself or girlfriend.....

a lovely neckwarmer or scarf from a San Francisco Etsy shop owner found here.

For your teenage girl.....

a little drama queen necklace found here.

And for your little girl.....
a darling tutu and wand found here.

Oh I just love everything red and pink this time of year!



I ordered Valentine cards this year...since I missed sending out Christmas cards and New Year's cards! I found them over at Polka Dot Design. Almost everything there gives me butterflies. You know why? Because they continue their design on the back side! Take a peek.



I'm addressing my cards today and getting them in the mail. Do I have your address?


MEET AMY......

Do you ever get butterflies while waiting for someones blog to load.....waiting to see what their next post is going to be and hoping....praying....there is a new one to read? I do. And I'm hoping she doesn't mind that I share her and her blog with you today because I get butterflies every time I click on her link.

Meet Amy Schofield. She can be found blogging over at Party of Six. She is one of the Temple daughters of our beloved friends from the East Coast. What I think I love most about her blog is that there is such tenderness, love, humility, fear and insecurity in her writings. And most importantly such honesty. The tenderness and humility that she feels towards motherhood comes through so poignantly in her writings. And the sweet, pure love she feels for her children....even on those days that she wants to throw her hands up in the air and quit....amazing. Even when she is proud of her children...there is a gentleness to it. She inspires me, she softens me. And for those reasons, I want to share her with you today. Here are four little snippets from her post. Enjoy....with butterflies.

This is Amy with her sweet little Molly.

"trust me....you want one
Molly kisses...A LOT. The funny thing is, that as intense as this little girl is, her kisses are so gentle and tender. I want to be able to remember them...for those days when they won't be free anymore. I don't really know how to capture the experience other than a picture and some details. It's the sweetest little kiss you will ever receive...EVER. So soft, no pucker, a tiny little sound. They are warm and squishy, but not wet. Sometimes they are accompanied by a mmmmwa, but usually not. They make me happy. Happy that she loves, happy that she is mine, hopeful that she will always be a kind, little person."

"tears & fears....
......Do you sometimes forget what your role is as a mother? I do. Briefly. Last night it happened. Dave had left to go to YM at the church, and I was alone with the kids again, just like I had been all day. I was tired. I felt really pregnant. I had promised American Idol, but they needed showers. I needed to fold laundry, clean up after dinner. I felt completely overwhelmed, like I just couldn't tackle it all. Ridiculous, I know, but it's how I felt. I yelled at the girls. Because they couldn't get all the shampoo out of their hair, because they couldn't figure out how to shut off the water. I made them cry. That is not the role of a mother. I felt sick inside. See, you can't take moments like that back. You can love them, hug them, apologize to them, but you can't take it back. I hate regrets. I don't want there ever to be ANY question about how I feel about them. Ever. They are my little people. I need to be kinder, more patient, more giving. I will today. I promise. "

"Elizabeth's and Emily's BIG Day...
..... Arriving at the church. I think they both look like they are ready to burst! It was such a happy, happy day. Everything about the day was seamless. Perfect. The meeting was beautiful. The spirit was present. After the talks were over, we were told to go down the hall and head towards the font. It was time. The girls practically ran, smiling, giggling and holding hands. How did I get entrusted with such sweet little spirits? I was overwhelmed with love for them. Watching them enter the water, be baptized by their dad, then come out of the water with smiles that covered their pretty faces."

"his latest.....
..... This is what Alex has been working on with his sweet art teacher for months. This is what he brought out to the car, carefully wrapped in newspaper. This is what he will now hang proudly on his bedroom wall. I am proud as punch. He is radiating. I love him so much. I believe he has a gift. His big thing right now...the thing he asks me to do every single day...is play on the computer. On Microsoft Word. He is consumed with creating stories, illustrations, using cool fonts. I'm not sure how to nurture this talent for him...the computer stuff. Are there classes for 9 year olds? Graphic designer in the making. I just know it."



I get butterflies when I think about a mudroom. I don't have one. And I envy people that do. I especially envy people that not only have a mudroom, but have made really good use of it with style! If I had a mudroom here are two items that you would find in it.

A letter for each of us. These are found at Sundance and surprisingly very affordable. VERY AFFORDABLE. I was surprised. Did I already say that!

And this was also found at Sundance and not so affordable. But that is OK, because my husband could build it. I would have him build me three to line the wall....one in washed white, one in washed apple green, and one in washed turquoise. With the red letters and a large chalkboard on the walls....I might just spend all day in my mudroom....if I had one. *sigh*