....always give me butterflies. As well as their little heads, their little hands, their little noses, and their mother's hands cradling them ever so gently.

My girlfriend came over with her little guy yesterday and I got this shot on my Canon Rebel XT. Have I mentioned that that camera gives me butterflies too?! It really is amazing.

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for baby

for the little helper

love the lockers

OhDeeDoh has me owwing and awwing over their kids' spaces. I love the kitchen space for little helpers!

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I love a good surprise. Especially if I have a little say in planning it to make sure it will be to my liking! FabricWorm offers a great little surprise bundle of 2 yards by weight of fabric scraps all for $15. Since she matches up fabric the same way I do, I completely trust her taste and would love a surprise bundle in my mailbox. You get to pick color preference......(boy, girl, neutral, etc.) so the surprise will be to your liking. What would you do with a bundle of adorable scraps?

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Let's just say I have never been a fan of the wristlet. But that is all about to change! I have been on the lookout for a grey purse. While in Target I thought....."I'll go look". I usually go for something a little bigger, but when I saw this little number I was smitten. I love every little detail about it and wish so badly that it also came in a larger size. I used it Thursday and loved it!

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These found at Nordstrom sets my tummy all a flutter. Especially those two in the top left corner!

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Kaia has three paper lanterns in the corner of her room. This photo makes me think I need about 20 more to cover her whole ceiling! It is quite beautiful. I found it while perusing friends' of friends' blogs. She found it at a cupcakery. It makes me feel all pretty and soft and girlie.

{Via PitcherPost}

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This lunch bag set found at GreenStreetBags almost make me want a job where I need to pack a lunch! So sweet and so green and so pretty. Happy Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day, GreenStreetBags is offering an Earth Day special. Go check out the store!

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House shoes. The fact that they aren't leopard print fuzzy slippers that are falling apart at the seams (my current slippers) might be why I think these are so sweet and cute. I just might have a hard time not wearing them outside though. Decisions, decisions though. I love these crimson and lime ones, as well as the flower print shoes that aren't all matchy matchy. ELephant and Chickpea is very talented and can be found here.

And these I would love for that special place inside the Holy Temple. Aren't they gorgeous!

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I can't get enough of LAMINATED FABRIC these days. I was so nervous to use it, but knew I would love it as an art apron. Keeping with my tradition of not using a pattern I took off.....free hand cutting. I held it up and it was exactly what I had in mind. My friend, Stephanie, quickly made my free hand cut into a keepable pattern using a brown Trader Joe's bag. Oh she is a smart resourceful one! I plan on making more.....lots more. And searching.......searching Google for more laminated fabric.

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These are a few of my favorite random vintage finds from my favorite vintage Etsy shop Blue Bell Bazaar! She has fantastic finds. I have bought a few different items previously and have not been disappointed. And she updates her shop with new finds regularly.
I am sorry to report that I did not come home with anything from San Francisco that I am willing to give up. Surprisingly, there wasn't much to choose from. But I promise to work on a Butterflies Giveaway real soon. So stay tuned! And Happy Weekend!

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I'M OFF.....

to San Francisco today with a friend! We are heading to 888 Brannan, formally known as the San Francisco Gift Center and Jewelry Mart. We have our seller's permits in hand with ID and I'll be looking for something special that gives me butterflies! What will I do with that special something that I find at the Gift Center today?.......I will post a giveaway here on Butterflies tomorrow! Yeah!

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Have you heard of this cute store? It is full of all kinds of cuteness! We found it about a year ago and bought Blake a "Yard Sale" shirt. It was classic. And it was during this same sale. The $5, $10, $15, $20 sale. It is going on now.

For boys, girls and babies. Check out the sale here. C'mon go take a peek!
And remember my post about Kara's Cupcakes? Well they must have goggled their name and saw themselves here because the manager emailed me with a sweet little thank you note. And told me to drop by and introduce myself! Uhhhh....they don't have to ask twice, I seriously (actually my whole family) has been thinking about those cupcakes since we first tried them last week. We WANT more!

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Fat quarters and quilt making have been on my mind. Another new thing I want to try. I love all the combinations over at Sew,Mama,Sew and quite a few fat quarters available on etsy. The real question is.....do I have the time? The idea of taking these fat quarters and making sweet smallish baby quilts gives me butterflies!

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The Easter bunny left a package of these at our house with the baskets. We had so much fun with them. Even took a formal family portrait each with our favorite (with tripod and self-timing camera)! For pictures of our fun with who's who......click here. To purchase your own click here. Have fun!

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........to add Funky Vintage Kids to my Etsy shop in way of dresses with all my fabric. This one got me and I will be playing with dress patterns now. Happy Weekend. Happy Easter!

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Seriously.....too cute for words. Found here.

I still have much to do to get ready for Easter. How did it sneak up on me? One of these ties puts me one step closer. That and a trip to Cost Plus World Market to pick up some classic candies to fill the baskets.

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Kara's Cupcakes opened in our local Oxbow Market, fashioned after The Ferry Building in San Francisco. It was locals night last night at Oxbow Market. We ate at Taylor's Refresher with half of Napa, then walked next door to the Oxbow Market and got a scoop of ice cream from Three Twins and mini cupcakes from Kara's Cupcakes. Kara's Cupcakes are delicious and they have the absolute best frosting I have EVER tasted. The mini cupcakes were $1 for locals. We bought 8. Kara has 5 stores in the bay area and she graced us with her presence for the grand opening in Napa. Kaia and I got butterflies. She is pretty and talented and was very focused on her work. If you ever pass by a Kara's Cupcakes, do yourself a favor and stop in for a sweet treat.

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