Doing dishes doesn't give me butterflies. But finding pretty gloves to wear while doing the dishes does! I picked up a fantastic pair at Ross for $2.49!



And one of my favorite places to purchase scrapbooking kits is through Zany Zinnia! Here are the kits they have available, with some extra embellishments, for the month of February (my favorite month)!

This last picture is actually a 12x12 sheet of Valentine cards that say "to and from" on the back of each one. For $ .75....you can't beat it!

I also really love that Zany Zinnia supports Etsy sites to purchase their handcrafted embellishments they include in their kits. I love the felt hearts.

Their kits are full of treats, priced affordably and sell out quickly!



She is very talented and amazing and can be found HERE. If you live in Napa or the Bay Area...consider yourself lucky! I can't wait until we need new family portraits which will be as soon as I lose 10 pounds! Her pictures are exactly what her blog states...FUN, HIP and FRESH....everything that gives me butterflies! Go check her out now....you will not be disappointed.



I get butterflies whenever I go to my mailbox and see the cute rectangular catalogue for Mini Boden. I quickly go sit in my favorite 'magazine' chair and start folding over pages immediately... first for girls....then the other side for boys. I particularly loved these picks and their prices!



neck candy.....

ear candy.....

finger candy.....

I wouldn't mind this type of "candy" on Valentine's Day.

all found on my friend's esty site HERE!
(but don't you dare buy the finger candy....it's mine...big time butterflies !)



And the winner of the 4 butterfly napkin rings with handmade cloth napkins is....commenter number 4....VintageChicChick! Congrats! She has a great blog with lots of crafty ideas and I really like it.

Some eye candy from her blog...

you can find the link for directions HERE.
I am definitely making these!

So, congrats again! And oh....VintageChicChick, I need your email address so I can get your mailing address! See you all on Monday!

butterfly kisses,



Found this beauty at our local antique store yesterday for pennies! She is orange and worn and has flower holes. All things that give me butterflies. She will be on display on my dining room table as my new fruit 'basket'.



For my first Butterflies giveaway, what would be more appropriate than these four butterfly napkin rings. They are delicate, and metal, and in these four fresh yummy colors! {Yes...even white is yummy after a winter of grey skies.} AND included will be four handmade cloth napkins made out of the yummy fabric pictured above. These will look fabulous and fresh this spring on your breakfast table or this summer on your picnic table for an evening dinner alfresco!

All you need to do is leave a comment below and keep your fingers crossed that you win! I'll be rooting for each and everyone of you. Please, to make it easier to contact you {especially if you do not have a blog} leave your email address within your comment! And if you want....grab my button on the sidebar and add it to your blog.

Giveway will close on Thursday night and winner will be announced Friday morning! Oh...I have butterflies just thinking about it! Good luck!


If I had a little, little girl....she would be wearing this sweet little brimmed hat the whole month of February! Found here on Etsy.



I really enjoyed making these party hats! We were invited to a birthday party celebrating a one year old, a twenty something year old, and a late thirty something year old! The hats were a hit and made for a good chuckle.

I couldn't find a template to print that was large enough for a 12 x 12 sheet of cardstock...so I came up with my own....and it worked nicely! The best part about the whole project was that I didn't have to go buy a thing. I had everything I needed in my scrapbooking supplies! Butterflies.........absolutely!

P.S. Stay tuned this week for a Butterflies giveaway!


(My daughter, Kaia.)

That banner....right up there gives me butterflies! Created by the very talented Lyndsay. If you are looking to pretty up your blog this year, go visit her and her pre-made banners! They are amazing and I wish I could take one of each! The process is simple, Lyndsay is a delight to work with and I promise you, you will not be disappointed with your new look! In fact, I guarantee butterflies every time you log on to your blog!


The subject of sticky felt came up on a blog I frequent daily. It got me searching for felt projects and this one made my tummy flutter! I wish I remember where I found it....I'm sorry. But how stinkin cute are these little photo albums? I think they are adorable and am now on the search for sticky felt!


In keeping with the owl theme today and since Valentine's Day {my favorite holiday} is one month away, I am enjoying this sweet little something.

It can be found here.

Unexpected gifts give me butterflies. This little owlie was a "I picked this up for you because it reminded me of you" gift. He is the cutest little thing and I love the way he is perched on my media storage cabinet. Except for the first couple of days I kept glancing over there thinking my little white dog had somehow gotten up there! It was the dark eyes that kept getting my attention! Thank you, Lisa...I seriously heart him!

I also found these cute owlies on an etsy site just the other day while looking at vintage button rings! Meet WHIMSYlove.


I opened an email from Barneys today. I'm really not sure why I am getting emails from Barneys...except that I have purchased a few things from the Barneys Outlet here in Napa and they must have shared my info. Anyways.....if I had $885 to spend on a pair of sandals for this season...these lovelies would be what I would be spending my money on! Aren't they gorgeous...you can just see the rich supple leather and that buttery caramel color...yummy. I bet they feel like a glove slipping on. I hate finding shoes that are completely out of my price range because it is almost impossible to find an equal imitation sandal. I will dream of these every time I go to get dressed....I will think....those sandals would look great with this outfit. And I WILL be on the lookout for something equally lovely but about $805 cheaper!

I did find these cuties on Piperlime. They are equally yummy, in a different way. I love the contrast piping but keeping with the neutral color scheme. This neutral color along with metallics are going to be popping up everywhere I think for spring! And these......these are much within my comfortable price range.


I am enjoying Etsy. It was created as a place for people to sell their handmade goods and supplies. I am always impressed when browsing through the home page and am usually inspired to try to create something myself. I have also found great joy in supporting those women and men that are using their talents to create some of the things we can find in big box stores. Whenever I am in need of something, I find myself searching etsy first for the handmade version and it feels good!

Here are a few things I was in need of and found on etsy that particularly give me butterflies!

This darling ironing board cover made with Amy Butler fabric. This was found just by searching for "ironing board cover"....exactly what I needed!

And Kaia really loves the Salt Lake Temple. Design Mom turned me on to this etsy shop...Persimmon and Pink. Their artwork is modern and colorful and will look perfect in Kaia's room.


I am really loving the Martha Stewart kitchen line at Macy's. I find myself cooking more whole wheat pasta....just to use my apple green and turquoise strainers. And I get butterflies everytime I open my cupboard and pick the pretty colored bowl that I am going to use. It really is the little things that excite me....like color!


I saw these at Gap over the weekend and thought how handsome my little boy would look in cute, hip, skinny leg jeans. They are all the rage you know....and kids can pull them off way easier than us adults! Kaia has been wearing them for awhile now. I will watch for these to go on sale and then purchase them. I'll let you know when they do....I'm sure it will give me butterflies that day too!