I'm hosting a

over on my family blog. It's kind of like a garage sale...only on my blog. Click here. Kaia's closet is up first. Bidding ends tonight on her clothes with more from my closet and Blake's closet coming next! Make sure you scroll down. There are true treasures posted the farther you go. Happy Bidding!




Kaia is wanting her room re-done from the current surfing theme to a more teen look of black, white and grey. I thought this would fit perfectly with her new decor while reminding her what is still important each day. Plus it fits right in with our family motto for the year. Found on Etsy at Persimmon and Pink. I actually think it would look equally fabulous in our family room. Hmmmm......


cute enough to eat

I have had an obsession with bento boxes lately. A bento box is a single-portion home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. I like the idea of a bento box because it is a creative outlet and eco friendly. Here's picture of an adorable bento lunch followed by a an even more adorable bento box.

Find the adorable bento box at My Sweet Muffin


coasting through life

using these fabulous heavy duty coasters from iomoi:

I also love the custom lucite trays:



I wasn't going to buy another pair of jeans. Really I wasn't. I told all the girls on our shopping trip that jeans were not on my list and to NOT let me buy a pair of jeans. I was looking for cute shirts and accessories.

Well I found cute shirts and cute accessories. And then these little beauties caught my eye. I do have one pair of Rock Revival jeans in a light denim wash and if I was going to buy a new pair for the winter it would be a pair exactly like the ones I own only in a dark wash. They are a great fit. Very flattering, with a nice high back waistband with double belt loops that keep them in place. Well be still my heart. My girlfriend was trying on jeans in Buckle at the mall and I went in with her for moral support! As I was walking through the store the pocket above caught my eye and I got all giggly. Really I did. Can you believe they had the exact jeans I had at home only in a darker wash.....in my size. Fate really. I walked out of the store wearing them.

My grocery budget for the next two weeks was cut short. But my booty sure does look cute! See more pics here of just how cute they really are!


in the trenches

shopping with the girls all weekend is my idea of a kick booty time. When the weekend results in not one, but two plaid trench coats... mommy comes home happy! Here's a looky-loo at some pretty in plaid:

This one is a DKNY plaid trench


i could just kick myself

with these ultimate boots! I coveted these beauties while shopping this weekend and decided against it... my, my am I having non-buyer's remorse! Maybe I should run back and buy these Turbo boots by Chinese Laundry in grey now that I see what a huge deal they were at Marshall's...

My message to you? Go with your gut.



.....isn't this the cutest packaging you have ever seen for flour? I loved it. I bought them after I sat and stared at the them in the grocery store aisle for a few minutes. I want to leave them on my counter to continue to stare. I'm thinking that they would make cute framed kitchen artwork too!



.....and these have me all goo goo gaa gaa right now. In my favorite color for this upcoming season and also offered in a yummy purple/plum color....my second favorite color for this upcoming season! These will surely be on my Christmas list. Aren't they delish? I'm not sure if it is the wool material or the wood buttons I like best, but I do know that the combination is hot!



I always love checking out Delight.com's daily specials. I was just talking to a friend yesterday about how much fun polaroids are but how expensive the film is and how fast you go through it with a polaroid. Check out this fun way to frame a regular picture in a dry-erase type of polaroid frame! Here.