I can't get enough of necklaces these days. My newest obsession. If I could, I would buy a chunky necklaces in every color. I found a handful of beautiful ones. This one would be on the top of my list. Found on Etsy here. It makes me want to go to lunch with my girlfriends and order sparkling lemonade. Here is her close-up! She really is gorgeous in her lemony-lime goodness.


Ingrid said...

I love the perfectly balanced off-balance-ed-ness of this necklace! My kids are always asking me how come I don't center or symmetrize (made that word up) my home decor, such as picture frames atop shelves, or books and knick-knacks. When you see this necklace, you see how pretty and satisfying off-balance-ed-ness can be!

Lisa Macomber said...

ohhhh.....super cute! I have this thing for vintage enamel pins lately and vintage beaded necklaces and this looks like both. You always find the cutest dang things!