Have you heard of this cute store? It is full of all kinds of cuteness! We found it about a year ago and bought Blake a "Yard Sale" shirt. It was classic. And it was during this same sale. The $5, $10, $15, $20 sale. It is going on now.

For boys, girls and babies. Check out the sale here. C'mon go take a peek!
And remember my post about Kara's Cupcakes? Well they must have goggled their name and saw themselves here because the manager emailed me with a sweet little thank you note. And told me to drop by and introduce myself! Uhhhh....they don't have to ask twice, I seriously (actually my whole family) has been thinking about those cupcakes since we first tried them last week. We WANT more!

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Sarah Lane Studios said...

I sent the manager your link ;)

Katherine said...

i love peek! i found the best book for henry there called "henry the book-eating boy" a few years ago. thanks for the tip on the sale!