I posted over on my family blog in January about a new spring trend. I titled it NO THANK YOU. It was pictures of the new boyfriend jean rolled a little sloppy and pants worn a little baggy. I must say I am happily eating my words. I found a pair I LOVE. I am sharing. Just don't choke on the price tag. They sit just right on the waist, not down on the hips. Stayed up when I squatted down and were sooooo comfy. Dave says they are his most favorite jean on me and the most flattering. I found them at Anthropologie here.

On the dress form.

On the body.
I actually wore mine with heals the first time too!

They really are cute. Just took a little warming up to. And I must tell you all that I had a hefty return at Anthro. Two shirts I received for Christmas, plus a pillow that had started falling apart. I essentially got them for free!

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mills said...

I hate it when people use my body for advertisement and don't even ask!