I wasn't going to buy another pair of jeans. Really I wasn't. I told all the girls on our shopping trip that jeans were not on my list and to NOT let me buy a pair of jeans. I was looking for cute shirts and accessories.

Well I found cute shirts and cute accessories. And then these little beauties caught my eye. I do have one pair of Rock Revival jeans in a light denim wash and if I was going to buy a new pair for the winter it would be a pair exactly like the ones I own only in a dark wash. They are a great fit. Very flattering, with a nice high back waistband with double belt loops that keep them in place. Well be still my heart. My girlfriend was trying on jeans in Buckle at the mall and I went in with her for moral support! As I was walking through the store the pocket above caught my eye and I got all giggly. Really I did. Can you believe they had the exact jeans I had at home only in a darker wash.....in my size. Fate really. I walked out of the store wearing them.

My grocery budget for the next two weeks was cut short. But my booty sure does look cute! See more pics here of just how cute they really are!


heather & jory said...

That's funny! They really are amazing!!

Amander said...

Yeah, so amazing I am sorely tempted to dip into our piano fund...