I always love checking out Delight.com's daily specials. I was just talking to a friend yesterday about how much fun polaroids are but how expensive the film is and how fast you go through it with a polaroid. Check out this fun way to frame a regular picture in a dry-erase type of polaroid frame! Here.

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Ingrid said...

Maybe print your own photos right on some nice white photo paper and then trim the edges around the picture so it has that wide margin of white on the bottom-- ta-da! I saw this done for a wedding, all the pictures of the bride and groom, trimmed to look like polaroids, then clothes-pinned to twine strung between trees. Adorable! My 16 year old is planning to use that idea t her future wedding, in the faaaaaaar future! ;-)

It'd also look cute as a way to display photos on your fridge or inside a locker.... oh the creative juices are really flowing now! hahaha