Happy New Year's my lovies! I scored this pretty little pillow today after reading a recommendation from Cjane to visit the Pillow Factory on Etsy. I am sorry to say that I got the only one. But Etsy is full of lots of lovelies.

I have had a hard time keeping up on all of my blogs. I mostly post on my family blog over at 4Kennedys and am seriously considering consolidating all my blogs to one. Incorporating fun family updates, recent wonderful finds that give me butterflies and updates on my shop Funky Vintage Kitchen. It just might make life easier, plus one blog just might please more people....kind of like one stop shopping!

I'll keep you all posted.


Tracy said...

That pillow is CUTE!!!

Murry Mayhem said...

Ohhhhhhhh super cute!

Shawn said...


Jewel/Pink Ink said...

I have a number of blogs, too. I don't see how I could consolidate them. What I did do that helps me out is I have one main blog I link to my blogger profile, and the other ones I only publicize on my main one. So if readers want a different side of me, they can click away with gusto.

I haven't been by yours in a while, but I enjoy it when I do.