So pretty, even for eggs. Makes me want to have a chicken coop with cute little chickens. Makes me want to put on an apron and go collect eggs. Until I have the property to have my own chicken coop, I'll just have to unpack my store bought brown cage free eggs and put them into the fridge in this pretty little egg crate so that I can open my fridge and dream of owning property with a chicken coop. Found at Anthro. Holds a perfect dozen.
Happy weekend!


Kirsty said...

I have one of these in pink. It makes me happy :) Don't feel bad about not having chickens. I hear they are mean and they aren't that cute when they get out of the baby stage ;)

Murry Mayhem said...


Heather said...

I have one of these in plain old white but I love it just the same. Mine only holds 6....love it's tiny little cuteness in my fridge!