I've got bowling on the brain. A date night actually. With another couple. A little bowling challenge. It's been awhile since I wore those awesome shoes. These vintage bowling pins won't really help cure my bowling date night on the brain problem, but they would look absolutely darling in a childs' room ready to be played with at any given moment. Found here. Off to search for matching bowling shirts now!


odellfamilyof6 said...

I want bowling shoes...BADLY..I just left you a comment on your own blog regarding this very thing because I couldn't figure out how to leave a comment without being anonymous...so then signed up for an identity!!! Your post made me laugh because we just went on Saturday...and I was trying to figure out how to sneak out with my bowling shoes...without kids noticing...but then knew everyone would know I stole them...so somehow need to acquire them without ME taking them...haha...size 6 1/2!!

Sarah@VintageChic said...

Lovely! Cayson's had bowling on the brain as well... that's all he wants to do since we took him on his first bowling trip.

Murry Mayhem said...

How cool are those? What a great find!