I am enjoying Etsy. It was created as a place for people to sell their handmade goods and supplies. I am always impressed when browsing through the home page and am usually inspired to try to create something myself. I have also found great joy in supporting those women and men that are using their talents to create some of the things we can find in big box stores. Whenever I am in need of something, I find myself searching etsy first for the handmade version and it feels good!

Here are a few things I was in need of and found on etsy that particularly give me butterflies!

This darling ironing board cover made with Amy Butler fabric. This was found just by searching for "ironing board cover"....exactly what I needed!

And Kaia really loves the Salt Lake Temple. Design Mom turned me on to this etsy shop...Persimmon and Pink. Their artwork is modern and colorful and will look perfect in Kaia's room.

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