(My daughter, Kaia.)

That banner....right up there gives me butterflies! Created by the very talented Lyndsay. If you are looking to pretty up your blog this year, go visit her and her pre-made banners! They are amazing and I wish I could take one of each! The process is simple, Lyndsay is a delight to work with and I promise you, you will not be disappointed with your new look! In fact, I guarantee butterflies every time you log on to your blog!


Stephanie Graham said...

The red really does make it pop. Congrats on a nother adorable and Abulous blog!

Stephanie Graham said...

*another... gosh, I keep leaving comments without spell checking-Argh!!! And I bet you thought two comments from two seperate people... but no, your silly friend Stephanie gave you false butterflies... she shall be punished!