I received happy mail in my mailbox yesterday. It was from my cute friend's Esty shop Hearts and Anchors. She also has a cute blog you can find here. Her packaging was amazing and recycled. It gave me complete butterflies. So much so that I held her packaging most of the day and waited to open it later that evening. I knew what was inside. I just wanted to behold the packaging.

Packaging is a powerful thing among women. I'm not sure why we get so thrilled when something is wrapped nicely. For me....it has always been about the packaging. Whether it is actual wrapping paper, the shopping bag, the ribbon, the tissue, the way the tissue is folded with a pretty little sticker adhered to it, any and all of it.....packaging gives women butterflies. I'm excited for a trip I am planning with a cute new friend to go pick out packaging in the City when she returns from vacation. Even the thought of that gives me butterflies. Oh....I'm all a flutter about all of it...seriously.

But back to my happy mail I received yesterday. It is a package of 8 of the prettiest little mailing labels, which means....the next 8 people to purchase one of my lovelies from my Etsy site will be getting even prettier packaging than before!

(I considered blacking out my address.....but actually I'm listed in the phone book....so what's the big deal right? And once I purchase something from you....or you purchase something from me....we all know each other's addresses anyways!)

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Katherine said...

i would be happy to receive that pretty package in the mail, also!