We are getting our eggs locally from a friend from church who is raising chickens. It was so fun to meet the chickens and her newest addition of baby chicks. The children and I enjoyed our little field trip and left with two dozen eggs and feeling very educated. And although there was a little bit of "maybe we should build a chicken coop....." thought in me, I decided I will just continue to support local growers!

Another thing that gives me butteflies. Today is the first day of Spring!

And one other thing that gives me butterflies.....my sweet husband cooperated with an interview over on my family blog. You can read all about it and go get to know him (if you so desire) here.


{hilary} said...

I love this post!! I hope to start a little farm-fresh place here west of Phoenix on my grandma's 5 acre farm(and am trying to do so in my own back garden now here in the city). It's sooo important to support local growers....thanks again!

Christine said...

Those eggs are beautiful. They each have their own character. Much better than the ones we get at the grocery store.