I love these prints from Sean Finocchio. Living in Napa, we frequent the local taco trucks quite often. I love their chicken tacos with pico de gallo, lime and radish....please add a little queso. At first I was afraid to order from the taco trucks but a friend encouraged me to try them about 7 years ago and I have never looked back. I, too, think these prints would look great in a kitchen, but I think I would prefer to go out and take pictures of our own local taco trucks for my wall.

Quick story.....we had ordered our tacos from the walk-up taco truck and were waiting for our order to come up. It was obvious a tourist couple was trying a local taco truck for their first time while on vacation here in wine country {convertible rental car, both a little tipsy from wine tasting all day, and lots of hand holding}. They got their order and sat at the little metal bar attached to the side of the taco truck and started eating their tacos. Their camera was sitting on the bar next to them and I couldn't help myself. I interrupted them and told them they had just discovered a little secret in the Napa Valley and that I thought they should have a memory of them dressed in very dressy clothing, bellied up to a little metal bar eating tacos from the local taco truck! I snapped the picture, taking care to crop it perfectly so that it would be frame worthy.}

{via Apartment Therapy}

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Tracy said...

Ahhh gotta love the taco trucks!!!

Sarah Lane Studios said...

My kind of portrait for sure!