Everything is coming together nicely for the shower and I can't wait to show you pictures of the final product. The babies above will be used for a little game called "estimated time of delivery" and I am working on a little mobile of sorts with the cupcake liners! I still have bottled waters to wrap with themed paper and pouf balls to make in orange, green and blue. I do also need to come up with two unique type of baby games......any ideas? I definitely don't want the same ole' same ole'. Something fun and new! Please help.

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Tracy said...

For my best friends shower (birth of my beautiful Godson) I made a baby out of a shoe box. It must be a shoe box that the lid lifts off completely. I covered the back with paper (I used scrapbooking paper, but construction paper will do) and the top seperately, but made sure they matched up when the lid was on. Then I made a little outfit with paper (I was too lazy to use fabric, but you could for a much cuter look). And cut a big hole in the box for the mouth. Make sure a big serving spoon can fit. I drew on a face and made some hair... viola insta-baby.

To play the game... The person is blindfolded... has to "feed" the baby cotton balls... can only hold hte spoon with one hand and hold the baby with the other. This is a timed game... 30 seconds. 1 minute is way too long!

Anonymous said...

I forgot about that game! In our day we used to just use a bowl and fill the bowl with cotton balls. And yes, one hand on the bowl and one hand with a spoon to scoop up cotton balls. Other than that, I HATE shower games :o) Unless of course, it's musical chairs like we played last night and laughed our butts off - and I broke a button off my pants!!


Rebecca said...

Ok so this might not be new but I have never seen it at any other baby shower. It's a game for the whole group to be involved. It's a matching game so you make a board with 20 cards on it so there are 10 different things related to baby that the group has to match. You go one by one and have each person pick 2 numbers and see if they get a match. Then if they do, they get a candy that goes along with that match. I don't know if I'm explaining this right but it's really cute, fun, and easy! Good for people who aren't necessarily into baby shower games too! I will totally send you pics and explain more if your interested! But you do like peepee diapers and then whoever matches that get's a bottle of squirt (the soda). Or stretch marks and the matcher gets laffy taffy (since it's strechy...) Hopefully I'm making sense! But the board was super easy to make and so cute! If you want me to send you all the info let me know and I will email it to you! :)

Good luck and I can't wait to hear about the rest of the shower!

Ryan, Melissa and Addy said...

I don't know if either of these are that unique, but I'm also planning a baby shower so I've been having the same train of thought as you. One game we played at my shower was everyone got a piece of gum (Bubbilcious type) and then they had to sculpt their piece of gum to look like a baby. The person who had the gum that looked the best was the winner. Also, we're planning on playing a couple of games at the baby shower I'm planning that I think seem fun. The first is we bought about 6 jars of baby food, we're going to take the labels off and see if people can guess what kind of baby food is in each jar just by looking at it. The second is we're going to have a clothesline with baby stuff on it (which we will give to the guest of honor, when the shower is over) and then cover it and have people write down all the items that they can remember. Okay long comment, I'm done! I'd like to hear the ideas for the shower you're planning too.

Ryan, Melissa and Addy said...

I'm sorry to be a double commenter, because I'm not a fan of doing that. I wanted to e-mail, but couldn't see an e-mail address for you. I was planning to make those pouf balls for my friends shower also. I found the directions on Martha Stewart's site. I'm assuming you've made them before, because you're crafty like that. So I was wondering how you make them. Like how many sheets of tissue paper you use for each one? Do you think it would be okay to use pipe cleaner to hold them together? We're not planning on hanging ours from the ceiling, but just putting them on the table and inside vases and stuff. Do you think that would look good? If you want to e-mail me the info., my address is liss1998@gmail.com. Like I said, sorry for the double comment and thanks for the help!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I ended up on this site, clicking from one to the next, I guess! Not a game, but did you ever see "diaper cakes." They are adorable and you are very talented and creative and could make a cool one. Just google them if you are unfamiliar.
Have fun!

ostrich girl said...

Hey April when I was at th S.F. international gift fair this last spring there was a woman there selling those super cute "diaper cakes" for 70 bucks!!! It's like 30 disposable diapers tied in a bow(blue or pink)then set on a cardboard cake plat and wrapped in clear celophane...SEVENTY BUCKS!!! you could make a super cute huge one as a center piece.
Any at Regina's shower we split the girls into groups of like seven and then gave them random props(including things like baby dolls,vaseline,a plunger,dish gloves bathrobes,etc)Then we gave them 15 min. to come up with a skit about regina going into labor.We were dying laughing at how crazy some people got,especially the moms. If you get a chance you can ask Regina about it .It was for Tanner! have fun! xoxo Sheri DeBow