By GUEST BLOGGER, STEPHANIE GRAHAM: Going to the chapel...

I have an affinity for all things wedding. I planned a wedding for my sister-in-law that was just so perfectly Spring. I love the dresses, makeup, hair, flowers, food, favors, photography, yada, yada, yada... Yes, I know I've been married already. But, I love to help anyone on their special day, even if it means blog stalking the best wedding blog known to brides throughout the world. Here's a sample idea board:

There's idea boards that are set up with mood and color schemes, pictures of actual weddings and great shopping! If I have whet your appetite plenty and are hungry for more, check out some cakes, too at Snippet & Ink.

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Rachel said...

agreed. I think Dan and I will have to have a "renwed vows" ceremony down the road when we have some $ so I can plan a wedding on my own. My friend from BYU is a wedding planner. she's been featured in quite a few mags.. here's her blog.