BY GUEST BLOGGER STEPHANIE GRAHAM: My first love after the fam...

... on a good day.


I have recently gotten severe butterflies over a specific brand of shoes. My current collection of NA NA brand shoes is a measly two pairs, however that will grow, I'm sure. I bought the yellow ballet flats, 'pansie' by name, for a wedding in which I was a bridesmaid. Very spring-y. Super FAB-U-LOUS. Those shoes felt like they were made for my feet right out of the box. So, what's a girl to do? Buy another pair, of course! Those gorgeous slingbacks go by 'Bam Bam' and come in delicious colors. Have fun!
I got mine on Amazon and 6pm.


{april kennedy} said...

Love it Stephanie! Thanks again. I told you guys there would be one on shoes. I should have been as bold to predict it would be her first post!

Sarah Lane Studios said...

a girl after my own heart... sigh.