(The Stephanie I know and love!)

I have a crazy week ahead. Getting ready for two craft fairs at the end of the week. Last week, while talking with Stephanie, she introduced me to a few new free blog background designers. I said, "Hey...want to be a guest blogger on Butterflies?" She said, "YES!"

Stephanie could probably introduce herself better than I can....because she is that confident about herself. I love that quality about her. She is funny, kind, generous, an amazing chef, plans affordable and yummy weekly and monthly menus, has a crazy obsession for shoes, always finds really cute dresses at Ross, tells funny stories on her fabulous blog, and the list could go on. I will update you throughout the week on my craft fair ongoings, but Stephanie will be posting regularly this week. I know she will give you butterflies. And I am guessing at least one post WILL be about shoes! Welcome, Stephanie. And.....thank you bunches!

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