I have two of these slipper chairs from Target in my great room but mine are a plain khaki/cream tweed. I stopped dead in my tracks at Target today when I saw this sweet vine print. Oh they are pretty and affordable. And, I might add comfy. They have held up nicely too! We are going on two years with ours....with lots of use. They actually come in a couple of fabulous prints.

There also was an amazing table and chair set that I can't find anywhere on the internet yet, but I will definitely share when I find it. Let's just say that I wanted to redecorate my whole house around this table and chair set!

Happy Weekend.


Tracy said...

I want these for my office!

Katherine said...

i have been eyeing these chairs on the target website for awhile--i really love all of the bright floral and ikat prints! i totally noticed that you had them just now when i was checking out kaia's super cute new church outfit.

are they comfy?