My new favorite scent! Mrs. Meyers Clean Day in Geranium. For.The.Whole.House! Hand soap, bar soap, laundry soap, dryer sheets, counter spray, toilet scrub, window spray, stainless steel cleaner. Seriously.....the whole house. And it smells soooo pretty. And it reminds me of a special night Mr. Kennedy and I spent together on a date.

The kids were going to the movies with Grandma. Mr. Kennedy told me to dress casually, he was planning a date night. We took off for a short drive to Sonoma, CA. Stopped in at a cute bike store to drool over some fabulous beach cruisers that we couldn't afford, then continued driving into Glen Ellen. Mr. Kennedy had been working on a home in Glen Ellen and every day drove by a quaint little restaurant....Saffron, that he dreamed of taking me to. We went. The food was amazing. Actually.....incredible. In their restroom was this hand soap. I washed my hands and while driving all the way home I kept smelling my hands. The scent was delicious and intoxicating...just like the meal we had just eaten and the time we had shared together on our special date night.

This hand soap now greets my guests in our front bathroom. And a bar of soap sits in my shower. The air freshener....at my kitchen window. And the packaging on all the bottles is so cute. A perfect scent to last me until next summer or until our next surprise date night!


Meliha said...

For the sake of the environment, I really WANT to be a fan of Mrs Meyer's Clean Day...but I tried at least a couple of the scents already in the store...and I have to say, THEY STINK! I hope you're right about this Geranium scent...

In the meantime, I bought the Pure & Natural liquid hand soap brand in mint (I think) and another one in grapefruit and pomegranate scents from Target. They're great!


{april kennedy} said...


I actually also purchased the lemon verbena scent (which is usually one of my most favorite scents) but do not care for it much. I promise about the Geranium. Even my husband today walked into our bathroom and said, "I love the smell of your new soap!" Although he would like a regular bar of soap in the shower for his use!!!

Katherine said...

the geranium is my favorite, too!! in general i favor buying the generic/scentless version of household products because henry and i tend to have skin allergies, but i have been using the geranium spray for a few years and LOVE IT! i swear the kitchen gets clean twice as fast with that stuff.