By Guest Blogger Kathy:

I was recently looking at Old Navy’s website and was shocked and so excited to see the Charley Harper collection for baby boys. Charley Harper has always been a long-time favorite artist of mine. My husband Colin bought a print of his a while ago and since then I have been obsessed. You see his work everywhere from National Park posters to the shelves of my favorite store Anthropologie. Old Navy apparently has been trying to target young moms on a budget and I couldn’t be happier at the result.

My little baby Ira will be so cute wearing this adorable dog shirt.

And will love playing with this puzzle.

I just ordered this book of his…I think I might enjoy it more than Ira.

You’ll find his fabulous collection here.

kisses, Kathy

Thank you so much Kathy for taking the time to be my first guest blogger! I have enjoyed the new sites and have fallen madly in love with Fish's Eddy! I knew you wouldn't disappoint. Look forward to little tid bits here and there from Kathy as she continues to keep me up-to-date on her hip fresh finds! And tomorrow....I'm back with something delectable as well as pretty!

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Rochelle said...

Thank you for sharing. I love the shirt with the dog. Cute pic.