We have been working early this year on our Valentine cards. Blake insisted on Sponge Bob and already has signed every last one. Kaia, bless her little heart, takes after her mommy and wanted something with birds or owls on them and preferably homemade. This is what we found.

They are from the upup store on Etsy and found HERE. After we purchased them, we downloaded the cards to print ourselves. Semi-homemade with birds! She loves them. They will be perfect for her middle school girlfriends. She says she isn't giving any out to boys this year. I guess that was SO elementary school!

I also thought these were absolutely adorable. Looks like a compilation of designers. Too cute.


Anonymous said...

Cute ideas! I've been thinking about letting my kids make their own Valentine cards too.


gretchen said...

Very Cute :) I sooooo *hate* the whole boxed card thing, so my kiddos have been working on theirs for about 2 weeks... and almost done! Of course between the 4 kids they have to make about 100 cards! So, yea, it really has taken them that long!

Cuddos to Kaia for wanting to make her own too :) And of course, mommy for letting her!

Nichele said...

These valentine cards are pretty gorgeous!! I just love them!!