Girls.....larger rings are going to be all the rage for spring....I can just feel it....all afluttering in my tummy whenever I see them. And Carolyn over at Blossom Jewelry has done it again! And at an affordable price of $10....I snatched it up sorry. They make you feel all girlie and vintagey. Did you see CJane's blog yesterday....she was rockin' a large yellow flower on her finger. Hopefully Carolyn will be making more real soon and you can snatch one up for yourself....that is, if you beat me to them!

P.S. Spell checker did not like half my words that I used in this post....but I think they are all fantastic and especially like the word "vintagey"!


Anonymous said...

I like creative spelling...shows intelly-janse.

Great ring!


emlizalmo said...

Love, LOve, LOVE that ring! I've got to have one.

ferardandy said...

you can use my photo if you want, link or not. thanks for the comment:)