A girl's got to have a little pampering, even in these tough economic times. I like to scrub on Fridays....a nice to way to start off my weekend....all freshly smooth. I always tell Dave that I feel 10 years younger after I use a salt or sugar scrub. And I got really excited today when I found these instructions on the Martha Stewart website for a DIY scrub. Four ingredients plus a few supplies. There are even templates for the labels included. Buy all your ingredients and supplies now and offer as birthday gifts to all your girlfriends! I hope I'm on your list!


Rebecca said...

such a good idea! who couldn't use a good scrubdown!?!? :)

Heather said...

That is so funny, I was just thinking about this today! I was actually thinking of making it this weekend, it is so cold and dry here I need a good scrub down!!

Rachel said...

nice. hey did you see the new butterfly bedding on Pottery Barn? cute!